Rainbow Trout

Standard Names: Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout

Trout is related to Atlantic Salmon, being part of the Salmonid Family. No Trout is native to Australia, though some have been introduced to rivers and streams across the country where they maintain populations. All trout you purchase will have been farmed, though various techniques are employed.

Trout, usually Rainbow Trout, are also grown in freshwater land based ponds. These fish are commonly sold at ‘plate-size’-being 200-400g, and have paler, softer flesh then the large ocean reared fish. Much of the pond farmed fish, especially from inland Victoria, is sold smoked.


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Cooking Notes

Closely related to the Australian Salmon Family, Trout are perfect for roasting, frying or poaching in a court bouillon with aromatics. Leaving the skin on will ensure that the flesh remains succulent and moist. The skin peels off easily after cooking. Smoked Trout can be flaked through a salad or tossed through pasta to warm through. But for excellent presentation and ease of preparation probably the best method is to bake and serve them whole.

Sustainability Notes

TROUT from LAND BASED FARMS are a more sustainable option then those from Open Pen Sea Cage Aquculture.