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Dedication and Innovation

Conway’s is a Western Suburbs institution in seafood, supplying quality seafood for over 50 years. Now they are offering the same quality experience to seafood lovers at St Helena Market Place and Braybrook Central West Shopping Centre.

Conways have always been recognised innovators and leaders in wholesale and retail seafood. Those who buy seafood from Conway’s in Footscray know the name is synonymous with excellence.

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In 1969, Con Goulas started Conway Fish Trading in Footscray providing fresh seafood to businesses near and far. Nearly 50 years later, the same fresh seafood is available to the public through Conway’s Wingfield Street store. Thinking ahead, Con’s son Dimitrios, added two large fryers to the store and voila Hot Fish was created and now is a popular destination for “new” fashion fish and chips fans, using Hi Oleic Canola oil for frying and Extra Virgin olive oil in salads . Fast forward to 2015, and Conways has expanded to new stores at Braybrook and St Helenas with a view to more in the future .

Why we are the freshest for seafood

Conway Fish Trading’s customers demand the best quality seafood available. Not only does it has to be fresh, it also has to be the highest quality, sustainable, traceable and sourced from all regions of the world and locally. Seriously, Conway’s has a lot of seafood! A really big selection of seafood! Prepared exactly how you want it: whole, filleted, green, farmed, wild. You get the picture.


We take seafood preparation, handling and storage very seriously, so much so that we ensure we are audited twice a year – we just love the challenge! We have HACCP certification as well as a Primesafe Certificate – these are the highest levels of food handling safety standards we can meet. When buying from Conways only expect the best quality – that’s our guarantee.