Standard Names: Commercial Scallop, Saucer Scallop

Scallops are bottom-dwelling molluscs. The characteristic shell holds a large white abductor muscle, which is eaten along with the orange roe.

In Australia, there are two main species of scallop marketed. The Commercial Scallop is found in Southern Australian waters and is fished mainly in VIC and TAS, with smaller fisheries in SA and Jervis Bay, NSW. Saucer Scallops have a smoother, rounder shell then the Commercial Scallop. They are fished in Northern Australia, especially QLD and WA.


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Cooking Notes

Scallops have sweet, rich meat that is medium to firm in texture. They are sold both off the shell and in the half shell, and may be 'roe-on' or 'roe-off'. Scallops on the half shell can be steamed with asian flavours or grilled with butter or a lemon and herb crumb. Off shell scallops are best briefly grilled, fried or BBQ'd. Sear on a high heat to create a golden crust without overcooking. Remove scallops from the heat while still quite rare to allow the residual heat to finish cooking them, as overcooked scallops become rubbery and lack flavour. Very fresh scallops can be eaten raw as sashimi.

Sustainability Notes

Scallop farming is a large industry worldwide but only in its fledgling stages in Australia. Scallops are farmed in TAS and QLD with potential for SA operations. Scallop Farms can be 'on-bottom' or 'off-bottom' operations. Of these, 'off-bottom' scallops are a preferable choice.