When filleted and skinned, the fillets are white and boneless with firm flaky flesh, an indication of the reason for their ongoing popularity. In Victoria in particular, flake is synonymous with traditional Fish and Chips.
Gummy Shark is the primary species used for ‘Flake’ though it may also be Whiskery Shark, School Shark, Saw Shark, Elephant Fish, any of the Dogfish family or any one of a variety of other sharks and even rays


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Sustainability Notes

School Sharks are listed as 'Conservation Dependent' on the EPBC Act List of Threatened Species.

Shark species are on Greenpeace Australia Pacific's Seafood Redlist.

AMCS lists all Shark species as SAY NO.

Forest & Bird (NZ) rank School Shark and 9 other species of shark as E (RED - AVOID) in their Best Fish Guide.

Shark numbers are plummetting worldwide as a result of the cruel and wasteful fishery for their fins only. Sharks are long lived and have few young, making them susceptible to overfishing. Sharks are caught as bycatch of a range of other fisheries, as well as being heavily targeted themselves.